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Legend: trombone (tb), guitar (g), arranger (ar), composer (c)


BENNIE MOTEN                     Jazz Archives No.29 Vol. I  1926/1929 (rec’gs. Oct. 23&24, 1929)
                                                 Rumba, Jones Law Blues, Band Box Shuffle— 9768-2RB  
            Classics 578                The Chronogical— Basie Beginnings (1929-1932) - tb, g, ar, c
            Classics 591                 The Chronogical (1929-30 & 30-1932) tb,g,ar,c                  ______
LAURA HENTON (gospel)       Nov. 1929, Lord You’ve Sure Been Good To Me, I Can Tell the
                                                 World About This; Plenty Good Room in my Fathers Kingdom,g
JIMMIE LUNCEFORD             Topaz Jazz TPZ 1005, Polished Perfection 1934-42 - tb, g, ar, c
           Classics 510 & 565       The Chronogical (1935-37 & 1939-40) tb, g, ar, c               ______
WILLIE BRYANT                      May 8, 1935 Rigamarole, The Sheik, Long About Midnight—tb
                                                 Aug. 1, 1935 Voice of the Old Man River, Liza—tb            ______
ELECTRIC GUITAR STORY    Jazz Archives No. 84 Pioneers to Masters 1935/1945—g, ar, c
                                                 Hittin the Bottle, Countless Blues, I Want a Little Girl—el.g, c____
THE KANSAS CITY SESSIONS (Lester Young) Commodore 402 & FL20.021  1938——g, ar, c
COUNT BASIE                          Swingsation GRD 9920 March 1937—tb, g, ar, c  
E DURHAM & BASE FOUR      Kansas City Jazz, Decca DL 8044 1940—tb, g, ar
BON BON & HIS BUDDIES      July 23, 1941 I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire—tb, g
FRANK HUMPHRIES                Fall 1945 After You’ve Gone, Lonesome Road, Time Again—tb
EARLE WARREN & COUNTSMEN    July 9, 1985  MR5312—tb
HARLEM BLUES & JAZZ BAND From Past-Present—VoCa 408 Vol. II TO L.Watson 1979-86
RCA SESSIONS                        E DURHAM Feb. 13, 1974 Perdido, Stardust, St. Louis Blues—g
EDDIE DURHAM BLUE BONE  JSPCD881  1981 Composed Guitar Piece #2; Sliding Along & title track: Blue Bone - tb, g,



1936             Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra w/Durham Trombone section, center 

1979         Last of the Blue Devils (Bruce Ricker/Hugo Award) shown in 2005 in San Marcos
1989         Born to Swing (Bruce Ricker) - We are showing this Film August 18, 2006 in TX
1996         Kansas City (Film by Robert Altman)

1999         Sweet & Low Down  (Woody Allen)  
2004         Last of the First  (Anya Baron—about The Harlem Blues & Jazz Band) - Shown 2004

2010 Texas State Univ., San Marcos - 18.5 minute Doc'y. short 

2011       YouTubes with Eddie Durham Footage 



"The 101 Best Jazz Albums" (Lyons)

"A Jazz Retrospect 1920-1950" (Harrison) 

"American Women in Jazz" (Placksin)

"Count Basie Bandleader & Musician" (Kliment)

"Good Morning Blues (Murray)

"The History of the Guitar in Jazz" (Mongan)

 "Jazz City" (Ostransky)"

Jazz Styles" (Gridley)

"Kansas City & the South West" (Driggs)

"The NPR Curious Listener’s Guide to Jazz" (Schoenberg)

"One O’Clock Jump" (D.Daniels)  

"Sights and Sounds of the Swing Era" (Simon)

"Southwestern Historical Quarterly" Article Eddie Durham & the TX Contributions of Jazz (Apr.’93 Oliphant)

 "The World of Count Basie (Dance)

 Other Suggested Material on the History of Jazz 

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